Granite Falls, Washington
United States

WeeCraftyCreations was established in 2019. We chose WeeCraftyCreations as the name, because we specialize in small gifts & home décor. Our magnets range from less than 1 inch to 6 inches. Most our mini canvas signs are 3 inches square. I started making these tiny paintings and magnets to decorate my boring cubicle at work and discovered there are a lot of small spaces that need more color and fun!

I was inspired to start painting & crafting as a teenager, because my Grandmother, Ginger, was a very creative woman & I grew up seeing all the amazing art in her home. I remember seeing the looks on family member's faces on Christmas morning when they received beautiful handmade items from my Grandma. I have my own unique style and interests, but I know I can thank my Grandma for sparking that creative side in me.

I am now a Grandmother myself & can't wait to carry on the traditions of crafting to my Grandkids.

At WeeCraftyCreations, we can personalize just about anything. We have so many options for colors, names, fonts, etc.


So cute. Perfect transaction. And bonus candies. Thank you
Perfect transaction. They are very pretty.
My cute little snowflakes arrived in a cute little box. I wish I would of ordered more. Can’t wait to give some of them away as gifts.
These are adorable little snowflake magnets!
Very cute. I like that they are smooth and I don't worry that my kids might get a sliver. My daughter loves little magnets so these are perfect for winter time!
Seller was wonderful to buy from! I requested a specific shade of blue and she did a great job to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. The magnets were shipped very quickly and I received them within the week. She also included an extra magnet and some candy! Very happy, thank you :)
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